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President greeting

Since foundation in 1969, Sakae rubber reported all rubbers to a packing O-ring including precise rubber for cars and precise rubber for industry.

The technical power grown through the development research process of the product for industry was used, and a large number of new goods were being proposed to mold design and material development by specializing it and answering to Customer Request flexibly.
Shanghai factory was established aiming at developed growth as a global enterprise in 2002.
Mold design is begun more than the first, improvement of technical power, quality assurance system reinforcement and a cost reduction are performed and the growth is continued as the enterprise which can receive receipt of order from a customer of the various fields by present.
At present, it realizes the abridgment of L/T and a short appointed date of delivery by the mutual complementing of Japan and China.

It's an enterprise idea voice calls a lot of everybody, and that I can receive in the present severe world economic condition, "Actuality is always contemplated and the cooperation and the creation are made a foundation, and I last long, and it's the enterprise which develops.", based on, I think I have a customer estimate the posture to our match.
I continue the effort to respond to the various industrial fields so that Sakae rubber will be the design proposal type enterprise which achieves further high quality and low price and be the parts manufacturer which carries the 21st century without being satisfied with the current state.

Sakae rubber corporation CEO

Net territory

(1) We expect that we make the sincerity and the trust a basis and contribute to society through prosperity of company's business.
(2) We build the constitution to answer to a social change and make an effort for the permanence as the enterprise which develops.
(3) We always show creativity, and that it's first-rateness of all faces, an effort is made.
(4) We esteem consumer's request and make the function of the product and the service first principle.
(5) We esteem a total, cooperate, cooperate, don't forget a sense of thanks/repayment of kindness and make an effort for the improvement.


January, 1969
Sakae rubber commercial firm establishment
September, 1970
In the capital one million JPY, Sakae rubber corporation establishment
September, 1976
A capital is increased in 4,000,000JPY.
September, 1982
Sakae rubber Hironaga factory establishment
June, 1984
A capital is increased in 10,000,000JPY. A headquarters office building of the company is established in Hironaga factory (present location).
June, 2000
ISO9002 merit
July, 2002
In capital 170,000US$, Shanghai factory establishment
September, 2003
About business expansion, Shanghai factory move
May, 2004
ISO9001 merit (China)
March, 2006
A capital of a Chinese Shanghai factory is increased in 400,000US$.
March, 2007
A capital of a Chinese Shanghai factory is increased in 600,000US$.
August, 2007
A headquarters capital is increased in 40,000,000JPY.
August, 2012
SAKAE BOEKI CO.,LTD establishment in Thailand
March, 2014
A headquarters capital is increased in 60,000,000JPY.
January, 2015
Red snapper Ayutthaya factory establishment
February, 2017
China・Shanghai factory relocation
April, 2017
Acquisition of ISO 9001:2015 (Thailand)
January, 2019
50th Anniversary of foundation
August, 2019
SAKAE TRADING CO., LTD. establishment in Vietnam
September, 2019
23% investment of HKT RUBBER CO., LTD.
January, 2020
Adopting AI based image inspection equipment (using the government subsidies)
June, 2020
Acquisition of ISO 9001:2015 (Vietnum)

Company's outline

The item Headquarters factory Shanghai factory Ayutthaya factory Cu Chi factory
Corporation name Sakae rubber  Corporation (Shanghai) corporation  SAKAE BOEKI


Location 〒512-8061
1337, Hironagacho,
Yokkaichi-shi, Mie

Floor1,building No.3,No.388
Song Huang Road,
Zhao Xiang Zhen,
Qing pu qu,
111/37 Moo2,
Phahonyothin Rd,
Lamsai, Wangnoi,

42, 7 road,
Trung Lap Ha town,
Cu Chi district,
HCM city, Viet Nam

Telephone number.

+86-21-3987-6461  +66-35-246-548 +84-28-6271-1233
The fax
059-364-2238 +86-21-3987-6159 +66-35-246-549  
Foundation years 1969/01 2002/07
Capital 60,000,000 JPY 600,000 US$ 10,000,000 THB 10,000,000 JPY
The number of employees 34 people 100 people 40 people 3 people
Representative Shinji KURAI
Production base Headquarters factory
12 cooperation factories   
Shanghai factory
2 cooperation factories   
Ayutthaya factory
3 cooperation factories  
Description of business Rubber in general for industry and metallic mold sale
ISO authentication ISO9001:2015 ISO9001:2015 ISO9001:2015 ISO9001:2015

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